We compiled a list of the best web hosting deals in 2015. They offer top quality services and cheap web hosting plans. The deals are up to 90% discount. These popular web hosting offers are perfect for small businesses and students to host company web sites or WordPress blogs. They are also eco-friendly and committed to 100% green solutions. Let us take a look at the table below for a quick comparison of the best selections.

Comparison of 2015 Best Web Hosting Deals – Top Rated Offers

Web Host Control Panel Regular Price Deal Price
iPage vDeck $9.99 / month $2.25 / month
Bluehost cPanel $5.99 / month $3.95 / month
FatCow vDeck $7.99 / month $3.15 / month
IPOWER vDeck $8.49 / month $3.25 / month
Arvixe cPanel $6.00 / month $4.00 / month
HostGator cPanel $7.95 / month $6.36 / month


The Best Web Hosting Deals of 2015 – Offer Details

iPage is Very Affordable and Reliable

Regularly priced at $9.99 a month, iPage’s monthly plan is NOW just $2.25. That is a huge discount of 77% off. This promotional offer is available in 2015. Click here to view details. No additional coupon code is required to get the discount if you follow the link to the promo page.

Here is a quick Review of iPage’s offer. This is one of the best best web hosting deals in 2015. For just $2.25 a month, you will get all of the following features.

  • Registration of a new domain for free,
  • Hosting unlimited domains at no extra cost,
  • Unlimited bandwidth,
  • Unlimited disk space,
  • Unlimited emails,
  • A powerful yet intuitive control panel,
  • $175 worth of advertising credit,
  • $100 worth of security software,
  • $500 of extras,
  • Anytime money-back guarantee,
  • 24×7 toll-free America-based phone and live-chat support.

The hosting servers are in iPage’s two data centers located in Boston area, United States. Both data centers are connected to top-tier networks, giving customer websites much speedier loading times and fewer service interruptions than traditional web hosts.

The control panel of iPage is known as vDeck 4. It includes a lot of functionalities. You can install WordPress blogs, e-commerce applications, or forums on vDeck without much hassle. These are the “One-click Installs”, therefore, no technical knowledge is required to accomplish the installations of commonly used web applications. We think the vDeck control panel is actually quite easy to use. Also, iPage is a certified eco-friendly solution provider which means it’s a green web host.

We have used iPage for years and it has been a great experience for us. We also have first-hand experience with iPage’s technical support team and they are very responsive and knowledgeable. They will even assign an advisor to a customer if assistance with setting up a website is required. Although iPage is very feature-rich and newbie-friendly, its plan is not expensive at all with the current offer. You will get everything you need from iPage for $2.25 per month.

Our verdict: Highly Recommended. Many people have chosen iPage for its excellent features and cheap web hosting plan. This is a limited-time offer though.



Bluehost Comes with cPanel

Regularly priced at $5.99 a month, Bluehost’s plan is now 33% off. For $3.95 per month, Bluehost includes a free domain. Click here to learn more about the 2015 web hosting deal from Bluehost. The link will bring you to the 2015 deal page that has the promo price. No coupon code is required to get the discount.

Quick Review of Bluehost: Bluehost probably doesn’t need a long introduction, as it has been around for more than a decade. It is simply one of the best companies in the industry and has a huge number of users. One of the most important features provided by Bluehost is its cPanel control panel. This control panel is a very mature product and it offers many one-click installs such as WordPress, shopping cart applications, as well as discussion forums.

Bluehost now offers its rock-solid platform at a discounted price in 2015. For $3.95 a month, you will get all of the following great features:

  • Registration of a new domain for free,
  • Hosting unlimited domains at no extra cost,
  • Unlimited bandwidth,
  • Unlimited disk space,
  • cPanel control panel,
  • $100 worth of Google advertising credit,
  • Simple-to-use site builders,
  • Anytime Money-back Guarantee,
  • and 24×7 toll-free America-based phone and live-chat support.

Bluehost is a cPanel host. Its plan is more expensive than the rest due to cPanel licensing. However, cPanel is actually Bluehost’s selling point because this is a great tool that can help you set up all kinds of websites and email accounts with ease.

Our verdict: We highly recommend Bluehost for its top quality web hosting service. If you like cPanel or are already familiar with it, Bluehost would be your best web hosting choice.



FatCow Comes with Mobile Site Builder

FatCow is regularly priced at $7.99 per month. Its 2015 web hosting offer is $3.15 per month. Coupon code is NOT required to get the discount. Just click the link to get to the promotional page.

Quick Review of FatCow: This is a very good deal from FatCow which usually costs almost $10 a month. For $3.15 a month, you will get a free domain name, unlimited hosted domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, up to $175 worth of advertising credit, simple-to-use site builders, anytime money-back guarantee, and 24×7 Toll-Free America-based phone and live-chat support.

FatCow has one extra feature that other web hosts do not always have which is the Mobile Site Builder. For a limited time, Mobile Site Builder is included for free. This is a useful feature if your website has lots of mobile users. Both FatCow and iPage use exactly the same type of control panel and are almost identical in all aspects. FatCow is also a certified eco-friendly solution provider.

Our Verdict: FatCow throws in the Mobile Site Builder for free. If you are not going to use the Mobile Site Builder in the near future, we would suggest that you go with iPage’s cheaper web hosting plan instead. Otherwise, FatCow is a great choice for the features it includes.



IPOWER Gives You A Toll-Free Phone Line

Regularly $8.49 a month, Get IPOWER web hosting for less at $3.25 per month while it’s on sale. A FREE Nextiva toll-Free business phone number is included! Click this Link to get this deal from IPOWER. Coupon code is NOT required to get the discount.

Quick Review of IPOWER: IPOWER (Yes, all capital letters) provides its users with reliable service and cheap web hosting plans. For $3.25 a month, you will get a free domain name, unlimited hosted domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, 2500 email accounts, $175 worth of advertising credit, free site builder, free listing on YellowPages, and 24×7 toll-free phone and live-chat support.

The most interesting feature of IPOWER is a Nextiva local or toll-free business phone number is included for free! This feature alone is a value of $10 per month. This is a secret we must tell you: Both IPOWER and iPage use same type of control panel and are extremely similar in all aspects. IPOWER is also a certified environmentally-friendly solution provider.

Our Verdict: IPOWER’s offering of a toll-free business phone number is cool. However, if you don’t need a toll-free phone number for your business, we would suggest that you go with iPage’s much cheaper web hosting plan instead. Otherwise, IPOWER is pretty good choice for what it offers.



Arvixe is a cPanel Host – a Bluehost Alternative

Arvixe is another good cPanel Host. Its hosting plan is competitively priced. Its current offer is $4.00 per month which is a very good deal. No coupon code is required to get this deal. Just click the link and it will bring you to the promo page where the official discount will be automatically applied.

Quick Review of Arvixe: Although Arvixe is not as popular as Bluehost in terms of number of users, however, this California-based company has been providing one of the best web hosting services for over 13 years. It’s a cPanel web host. If you don’t want to choose Bluehost for any reason, Arvixe would probably be the best alternative for you.

Arvixe has a very good technical support team which is 100% U.S.-based. It owns a huge online user forum where lots of discussions can be seen on a daily basis. Arvixe’s customer support team participates in the discussions and users also share their experiences on the forum. This is some form of transparency we would like to see in the hosting industry. When it comes to prices, Arvixe’s pricing is very reasonable. For $4.00 a month, It includes free domain registration as well as other unlimited website hosting features which are quite common these days. The only thing that we don’t see is the free search engine advertising credit and certainly not everybody needs it.

Our Verdict: If for any reason you don’t want to go with Bluehost, Arvixe would probably be your best choice for cPanel web hosting. It offers a 60-day money-back guarantee so it’s worry-free. Take advantage of the deal price! It’s now lifetime 20% off. This kind of deal is not usually available from Arvixe. Just give it a try and you may really like it.



HostGator Special Offer – 20% Discount

HostGator is regularly priced at $7.95 per month for hosting of unlimited domains. Its web hosting offer here is 20% off. That’s $3.96 per month for one domain to be hosted or $6.36 per month for unlimited hosted domains. Click the link to go to the promo page and enter the HostGator coupon code BE25PERCENT to save 25% of your payment. This is a good deal from HostGator which is usually quite expensive.

Quick Review of HostGator: HostGator has been in business for over a decade. It’s a cPanel host and it directly competes with many other cPanel web hosts like Bluehost. Its hosting plans usually cost a bit more than those of Bluehost. HostGator resembles Bluehost in many features, such as a free domain, unlimited everything, and cPanel. HostGator is not just feature-rich though, it also provides its users with fast and great support. This is the company that doesn’t take holidays. You get the same great support on a usual work day or on a national holiday.

At $6.36 per month, it is still a good deal. This plan will let you host multiple domains. Enter the Hostgator coupon code BE25PERCENT when you sign up for your hosting plan and you will save 25% of your payment. You MUST select the Baby Plan if you are going host multiple domains. If you have only one website, select the cheaper “Hatchling” plan. HostGator also offers an 45-days money-back guarantee so it’s worry-free.


Our Verdict: We would recommend HostGator if you want to use the cPanel control panel and don’t want to go with Bluehost for any reason. Some of you want to sign up for multiple web hosts, and HostGator would also be one of the great choices to consider. You can get the cheapest web hosting plan “Hatchling” for just $3.96 per month if you have only one website. If you have more than one websites and need unlimited hosted domains, select the “Baby Plan” and the price is $6.36 with the coupon code SNAPPY.

Summary of The Best Web Hosting Deals

  • iPage is very cheap and it has all the features and tools that most people need to get good-looking websites up and running. It’s got a great support team. And it costs just $2.25 a month. You will get a new domain for free as well. This is a heck of a deal.
  • Bluehost is a very reputable cPanel web host although it is a bit more expensive due to cPanel licensing. It has been around for over a decade. If you have to stick with cPanel, Bluehost is your best choice.
  • FatCow offers a useful feature such as the Mobile Site Builder. If you don’t need that specific feature, you might as well just get iPage for a better value.
  • IPOWER offers each user a free Nextiva toll-free business phone number although only 100 minutes per month are included for free. Otherwise, it’s almost identical to iPage.
  • Arvixe is the best Bluehost alternative if you are looking for a cPanel host. It’s got a 100% U.S.-based technical support team. Arvixe has an active user forum and provides its users with great service and support.
  • HostGator is similar to Bluehost. It’s got almost the same features as its direct competitor. If you already have an account with Bluehost and would like to get another one from a different web host, HostGator is not a bad choice. Currently the deal is 20% off of regular price.

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